Qualities of the best pool tables

t is always a dream of many to own a well-furnished pool table at the side of our house or even opening a pool centre. It always adds to your status while allowing you to reach to the professional level at the comfort of your house. To get the perfect table is a challenge on its own as most of us are not aware of the actual qualities to look for in a pool table. Most of us get a table which looks good in a design but the problem starts within the first 3 months of the purchase related to the frame and the cloth.

 Some of the qualities of the best pool tables are

  • Frame – It is one of the most important features to look into as your whole table will stand on the frame which will provide the overall strength and the screw holding capacity of it. The frame should hold up to 500 pounds and it should be made up of solid wood which is the strongest and most desired frame in the market. Screw holding power is also crucial as it has to maintain the rigidity of the table.
  • Top Rails – There are two types of rails available these days which are made up from particle board and solid wood. Considering the stability of the whole table, solid wood has been used for years and it is still the best option. While purchasing, make sure that the top rails are well laminated which should be burn and scratch resistant as it will add more years to the life of the table.
  • Cushions – The cushions on the table comes with its own advantages and there are three important features that one should look in the table
  • The first thing to look for is that the cushion should be a K-66 cushion.
  • It should be canvas backed which will provide the accurate and consistent play
  • It should be of good grade rubber preferably of Grade A quality.
  • Cloth – The blend of wool and nylon will glide the balls from one corner to another as it has been considered the one of the best cloth for the table. It will maintain the professional playability without any hindrance and every time lets you enjoy the game. It should be 20 oz with a blend of 80% of wool with 20% of nylon.
  • Leg construction – The whole frame will stand on the legs as it will carry the entire weight of the table. Most of the tables are four legged and you have to make sure that they are constructed with the solid wood which will provide the durability with many years to come.

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