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We are the experts in all types of trades and industries. We have take a look and study each industry, finding the best advice to provide and then showcase it to you in a simple blog post. When you check out our blog posts you will see that we have all the vital information and tips for you. Each blog post is targeted to a specific industry and trade. To find out which trades and industries we provide information on, continue reading below.

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Here at Red, White & Green, we want to help everyone with our informative blog posts and articles. We want to share our valuable knowledge and showcase to our audience that we can help you. That is why we have all the knowledge and experience in the following industries:

  • Agricultural and farming
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Skip Bin Hire
  • Home improvement services
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity, Power and Gas
  • Roofing & Gutters
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Home & Commercial Tiles
  • And much, much more!

With such a stellar list of services and trades, you can be sure to find the blog post that makes the difference for you. We are the passionate experts that are here to help you with your enquires and questions. That is why Red, White & Green are blogging experts you can trust!

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Three Of The Best Ways To Protect Your Business

Posted by on 5:29 am in Locksmiths | Comments Off on Three Of The Best Ways To Protect Your Business

So you’re started a business – or purchased an existing one – and you are looking to kick-start your business career. However, in all the things that you should be worrying about, there is one thing that people miss out on: the security of their new business. So in a bid to help you, we have three of the best ways you can protect your business. Install A New Security System  There is nothing better when you are starting a new business – or planning to move into a new building – than improving the security. Your...

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Main Reasons For Your Roof Leaks – And How To Stop Them!

Posted by on 4:53 am in Roofing | Comments Off on Main Reasons For Your Roof Leaks – And How To Stop Them!

When you think of roofing problems, what do you think of? Holes, leaks, cracks, and drips all over the home. That is because the most common problem that happens with roofs is leaking roofs. This is the most common problem that roofs face on a regular basis, and one that people will always face. But behind the leaks, what are the reasons they happen? You need to know the reasons so you will be able to restore your roof back to its best and ensure you live in a safe home. That is why we did the hard work for you and provided you with a list of...

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8 Facts To Know About Powder Coating

Posted by on 4:31 am in Coating | Comments Off on 8 Facts To Know About Powder Coating

In the world of construction, product creation and maintenance, many people don’t know that powder coating is one of the most common options for people or companies to take. But many people don’t know the key things about powder coating. So in a bid to inform you and give you the knowledge you need when it comes to powdercoating in Montrose, we have eight of the most interesting facts about this plastering model! Some of the biggest industries that use powder coating include automotive, personal, residential & commercial projects. It is...

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Steps To Renovate Your Property

Posted by on 11:03 am in property | Comments Off on Steps To Renovate Your Property

Thinking about undertaking some property renovations in Melbourne home? Want to change your bathroom or the whole home? What you want to do, you can’t just kick it off and hope for the best; you have to plan out every step to ensure that it works right to end so you can get what you want from your renovations. That is why we have this blog post about steps to undertake so you get the perfect renovation for your home. Keep reading below to find out what they are: Step One: Financing Your Project  Renovating a property is going to cost a lot of...

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Four Reasons To Visit Europe

Posted by on 10:11 am in travel | Comments Off on Four Reasons To Visit Europe

Europe is one of the most amazing continents that this lovely world has to offer and whether you have never been or you’ve been there multiple times, there is always something new to see. Now, because Europe is so large and has so many countries there are many reasons to continue to visit. If you are looking for some of those reasons, look no further. It’s Architecture Europe is known around the world for its architecture. Not only because it has history, but there is also something nostalgic about it. We have all seen movies from the...

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The Three Benefits Of Landscaping Your Yard!

Posted by on 9:47 am in Landscaping | Comments Off on The Three Benefits Of Landscaping Your Yard!

Landscaping is one of those things that people tend to ignore to their own peril. They think that managing it themselves is a waste of time or that hiring a landscaper expert like Stone Edge Landscapes is a waste of money. But there are some key benefits to putting in the effort to get your property landscaped. And we are here to explain them to you, so you will be able to get your yard sorted as soon as possible! Benefit Number One: Create The Best House Possible For Yourself  Why wouldn’t you want to live in a home that is layered with the...

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The Three Benefits Of Getting Metal Staircases

Posted by on 9:22 am in stairs | Comments Off on The Three Benefits Of Getting Metal Staircases

Over the last few years, there has been a growing rise of metal stairs in Melbourne homes, businesses and properties throughout Melbourne. So what has brought this on? We decided to do some investigating and found yourself with three key benefits that come with these metal staircases. Keep reading below to see what they are: Benefit #1: Maximum Durability Let us start with the most common point about metal – the material itself! There are three distinct metal types: include stainless steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. Each of them are...

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Three Reasons To Use Glass In Your Staircase Design

Posted by on 8:59 am in stairs | Comments Off on Three Reasons To Use Glass In Your Staircase Design

Over the last few years there have been a few reasons glass panels have been installed in stairs in Adelaide. What has driven this new trend? We have the three key reasons for you below: The ‘Minimalism’ Feel As time has gone on, people have come to realise that they are more inclined to have less objects in their home. To ‘minimise’ their home. Glass panels will do that effectively. It will create a very minimalism feeling through the home and give it the impression that there is more space. Simplicity and subtlety have never been so...

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Winter Is Coming: How To Protect Your Roof

Posted by on 7:37 am in Roofing | Comments Off on Winter Is Coming: How To Protect Your Roof

Winter is just like summer: it’s one of those seasons when the extreme weather can cause a lot of damage to your property. And with your roof being at the top and centre of it all, there is always a chance that your roof is going to suffer big time in the winter. That is why you have to take extra precautions to ensure that your roof is able to endure and come out the end of winter with no problems or damages. So how do you go about protecting your roof in the heavy rains and storms of winter? We have the five tips that can make the...

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Replacing Your Bath With A Shower: Pros V Cons

Posted by on 8:26 am in Flooring | Comments Off on Replacing Your Bath With A Shower: Pros V Cons

The shower versus the bathtub debate has been going on for a long time. So what is the best deal for you? We broke down the positives and negatives to help you with this decision: What Are The Positives?  We are going to start on the brighter notes on why you should be looking to replace your bathtub with a new shower. And here we go: You will get way more space in your bathroom to do what you want. Bathtubs take up way too much space and you will find yourself liberated in the end. With a shower, the room will open up and you will find that...

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