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How to spot SEO spam

SEO is considered to be one of the most widely spoken aspects among the online marketers in Melbourne. Because of the immense popularity of this subject and the heavy demand emerge among the website owners, many fraudsters try to make a ‘quick buck’ from SEO. As a result of this, SEO spam has appeared and a large number of website owners in Melbourne, Australia are likely to become victims of such threat. So, it is important for any website owner to know how to spot SEO spam.

The email you get is not a custom-made one

A professional Digital Agency in Melbourne doesn’t necessarily deal informally. They have certain ethics to follow and they will always correspond with clients in very official ways. However, the emails you get from spammers will lack of professionalism. For instance, they will not send you a personalised email; instead you will get a commonly written ‘advertisement-like’ email. You will be asked to fill some form and they will say that you can get better rankings in Google within a very short period. So, if the email doesn’t have your name, the company name and other information on it, just NEGLECT IT!

It comes from free webmail

As you know, anyone can create a free email account using a service like Google, Yahoo etc. Don’t try to respond to emails that are sent to you with a free email account. If the respective SEO Company is a professional one, can’t it have an official email address under their official domain? This is purely common sense! A real SEO expert in Melbourne will definitely ask you to visit their website which has all the information such as contact information, physical address, names of the officials etc.

Some of them provide physical address

Why would an online company show you their physical company when they can simply ask you to visit their company website? Some of these companies provide fake physical addresses to pretend that they are completely genuine. Don’t fall into the trap just because of this reason; be smart and rely on a company that has a good online presence.

Whey will not provide a company name

If they provide a company name, you can simply search for them online. And, since they are an SEO company (as they say), you must be able to find them online easier. Because of this very reason, these spammers don’t necessarily provide you a company name. Instead, they will distract you with false information.

They guarantee a particular position in SERP

No SEO expert in Australia can assure you to get a specified position in SERP. For instance, if a SEO ‘expert’ suggests you that they can guarantee number 1 spot within 10 days, that is a strong sign for you to keep them away.


SEO is not a single process. It is a combination of various efforts. You cannot expect results overnight with such strategy. So, don’t go after random people that give you false promises and waste your money. It’s good to be in touch with someone with good a standing in the Digital Marketing Industry. Search Marketing Group has earned reputation in industry by providing the best SEO services without spamming. The company do not believe in false commitments or spamming. Contact them today to rank your website in search engines.