Main Reasons For Your Roof Leaks – And How To Stop Them!

When you think of roofing problems, what do you think of? Holes, leaks, cracks, and drips all over the home. That is because the most common problem that happens with roofs is leaking roofs. This is the most common problem that roofs face on a regular basis, and one that people will always face.

But behind the leaks, what are the reasons they happen? You need to know the reasons so you will be able to restore your roof back to its best and ensure you live in a safe home. That is why we did the hard work for you and provided you with a list of roofing leak reasons.

What Are The Reasons?

Now that we have discussed how common roofing leaks happen to the everyday household, we have the key reasons. Here are the most logistic and common reasons why roofing leaks happen on a regular basis to homeowners and rents:

  • Your shingles (or roofing tiles) are becoming loose, cracked or fallen off

  • The flashing underneath the roof tiles is damaged or deteriorated

  • The seals and caulking around the tiles is cracked, letting in the water

  • There is a pond of water building up in the roof that puts pressure on the roof

  • If you have a skylight, it could be leaking and damaged, letting in the water

  • The same applies to you having a chimney, which can lead to leaks

  • Overflowing gutters, which can push water onto the roof and lead to leaks

  • Gutters that are not properly installed and create leaks. This can be because old age or poor installation. The best way to go about it is to seek gutter replacement services by experts.

  • Built up debris, which can trap moisture and accelerate deterioration will lead to pressure on the roof leading to leaks

  • Going back to the installation of the roof, poor installation of valleys, flashing, shingles, collars can lead to leaks

  • If you have an attic, poor ventilation can lead to a moisture through a buildup of condensation

How Do You Repair Leaks? 

Now that you know the reasons, how do you go about repairing the problem? There are two distinct ways you can do it:

  1. You can do it yourself. This is the harder option, as you will have to find the reason, get the right tools and materials to ensure that you are able restore the roof back to its best.
  2. You can call a professional to help you with any type of repairs. They will be able to help you with roof leaks, gutter replacements and garage roof repairs in all Melbourne homes.

With these two options, you will be able to ensure that your leaks are repaired and your home is safe and secure for the future.