Few Good Things You May Want To Know About Artificial Turfs

Large lawns usually take a lot of time to water and maintain. This may make it tough to concentrate on the other types of garden plants. It is for this reason that in a majority of stadiums and even homes, artificial turfs are used for filling in the landscape. The artificial turfs also prove helpful in conserving water. There are few other aspects which make artificial turfs a preferred choice. Few things you should know about them include:


Artificial turfs consist of infills. Infills are made from rounded silica sand or crumbled rubber. This offers great stability for grass blades. Once the artificial grass is rolled on rock layers, the infills may be spread across the turf. The infills usually range between ΒΌ inches to 1/8 inches and hence can easily slide up till the base portion of the artificial turf. It is important to note that infills are extremely essential for giving the turf a realistic appearance and feel. While opting for artificial turf installation in tarneit by Lawn masters Australia, the infills are important aspects to consider.

Turf characteristics

For all those looking to buy artificial grass products, it is advisable to search for turfs which have ultraviolet protective coatings. The turfs which are exposed to the sun tend to get damaged easily. It is hence important to ensure that such turfs are protected from fading and weathering. For protecting the turf, it is also recommended to thoroughly check the area where the turf will be installed. Areas which have window reflections may be avoided while installing the turf. This is because the reflections can damage and fade the turf.

Base construction and drainage

For laying down artificial turfs, the ground is usually excavated down to 5 inches. The base contains a network of pipe drains. These drain water and hence prevent various kinds of bacterial issues. While installing artificial turfs, it is hence important to ensure that the drainage system is not disturbed. While laying down the turf, it is hence advisable to use a combination of large and small stones as these can maintain the stability of the turf, even if it experiences heavy footfall.


Like natural turfs, artificial turfs too require maintenance. In order to keep the turf looking clean and neat, it may be important to rake leaves and debris. With the passage of time, the grass blades of the turf may compact down due to the impact of foot traffic. In such situations, it may become important to bush the turf nicely. Brushing may prove helpful in bringing the blades back to position.

Artificial turfs are a preferred choice nowadays. They look appealing and last for a long period of time. For long lasting and quality turfs, you may contact Lawn Masters Australia.