8 Facts To Know About Powder Coating

In the world of construction, product creation and maintenance, many people don’t know that powder coating is one of the most common options for people or companies to take. But many people don’t know the key things about powder coating. So in a bid to inform you and give you the knowledge you need when it comes to powdercoating in Montrose, we have eight of the most interesting facts about this plastering model!

  • Some of the biggest industries that use powder coating include automotive, personal, residential & commercial projects. It is not just for construction work, but for everyone.
  • Powder coating can be used for a range of everyday items including car rims to furniture, from lighting to venting systems. Such is the scope of powder coating that it can be applied to a range of situations.
  • There is an array of different finishes, textures and patterns that can be applied when it comes to powder coating. There is no “set” design. It comes down to what you want.
  • The process involves the coating and the metal being charged and “cured” in an oven for up to 400 degrees. From there, it can be applied.
  • It works great with a range of metals. So if you think that the powder coating process won’t work with metals, you’re wrong. It can be applied to aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and solid cast metals.
  • Once applied, powder coating can last up to 10 years and more. It all depends on how the product/item is treated and its surroundings. But usually, you are looking at more than a decade of high-quality protection.
  • But “is it safe” is the following question. And yes, powder coating is super safe for everyone around. When compared to liquid paint it is far safer for people, and even great for the environment. So if you have any worries about the safety aspect of powder coating, don’t worry about it.

Powder coating is best left to professionals. While you can do it as a DIY, most of the time it doesn’t pan out as you want it to. They have all the experience, tools and knowledge to powder coat anything you need in your home or property. Our suggestion is to speak to the local experts at Just Powder Coating, who will provide powdercoating in Bayswater. They have all the experience and knowledge to help you with all your powder coating requirements. Reach out and speak to them today!