The Various Types Of Office Partitions Which May Be Used For Creating A Better Workplace

Nowadays, a majority of businesses in Australia use office partitions Melbourne. The partitions offer an easy and quick way of altering the workspace. Alterations may be required to meet the future space demands of the office. The partitions also help in protecting the privacy of employees. The biggest advantage of these partitions is that they prove to be quite affordable when compared with building permanent walls. There are several kinds of modern office fitouts Melbourne available which prove to be durable and can easily be installed. Few main types of office partitions include:

Floor-to-ceiling office partitions

These are one of the most popular office partitions in Melbourne by Discount Partitions They are usually used for breaking up the workspace. Also called ‘full height’ partitions, they do not restrict visibility. Such partitions consist of a metal frame covered with cloth. The major benefit of installing these partitions is that they may easily be removed, moved around or rearranged according to requirement.

Glass partitions

Partitions of glass are also quite popular. They may or may not consist of a frame and are made of aluminium and glass. These types of office fitouts in Melbourne consist of full height panels. For privacy, many of them consist of venetian blinds. One unique feature of these office partitions Melbourne is they allow flow of light and help in noise reduction. Their prices depend on several factors like the glass type, framing and several other factors.


These are the most basic and common office partitions. They allow a decent level of privacy and are extremely convenient to install. The cubicle walls may easily be moved and rearranged to make alterations in the workspace configuration. Cubicles generally consist of a half wall and the area within it may be used for creating a computer space and work space.

Portable office partitions

Portable office partitions Melbourne are fitted with rollers and may easily be moved around. Though convenient, these types of partitions do not offer permanent solutions. They fail to reduce noise and do not provide much privacy.

Accordion walls

These are quite similar to portable office partitions and may easily be moved around. These office fitouts Melbourne are preferred as they provide full enclosure. They can easily be moved and arranged to suit different types of office setups.

Different kinds of office partitions can prove to be highly advantageous in the workplace. The partitions ensure the privacy of employees and hence increase their concentration and focus. Using these partitions, each member can be assured of a personal space. They are simple to install and may also be rearranged easily. A suitable type of partition may be chosen from amongst the wide range of available designs.