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Last updated April 20, 2009
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For more information about biodynamics in Australia:

www.biodynamics.net.au The web site for Biodynamic Agriculture Australia , based in Bellingen, NSW. This is an organization which offers advice to farmers and gardeners, organises workshops and sells biodynamic preparations to members.

www.demeter.org.au The web site for the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (which offers advice and help to farmers), the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (certification organization responsible for the Demeter trademark), the Biodynamic Marketing Company (which distributes Demeter-certified produce) and the Biodynamic Gardeners Association (which offers advice to home gardeners), all based in Powelltown, Victoria.

For more information about the certification process in Australia:

www.ofa.org.au Organic Federation of Australia

www.bfa.com.au Biological Farmers of Australia

www.nasaa.com.au National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia

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www.biodynamic.org.uk The web site of the UK Biodynamic Agricultural Association offers a wealth of information,including some fascinating research into BD.

www.biodynamy.com La Renaissance des Appellations, an association of Biodynamic wine producers from around the world, founded by Nicolas Joly, outspoken winemaker from Coulee de Serrant in the Loire Valley:

www.biodyvin.com Biodyvin, an association of mostly French Biodynamic wine producers (web site in French)

www.biodynamic.org.nz In New Zealand, the main biodynamic organization is the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association

www.demeter.net The international association of biodynamic certification bodies using the Demeter logo – confusingly, Australia’s BDRI (which uses the Demeter logo for its certified producers) is not affiliated with Demeter International.

www.demeter-usa.org The American organization responsible for Demeter certification and the spread of biodynamic information in the US.

www.biodynamics.com The US equivalent of Australia’s BAA: an organisation offering advice to farmers and gardeners.

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www.astro-calendar.com Mullumbimby-based Brian Keats publishes the Antipodean Astro-Calendar, an invaluable tool for anybody interested in farming or gardening according to the rythyms of the moon, the sun and the stars. He also publishes a version for the northern hemisphere: www.northernstarcalendar.com

With 20 years of experience behind her, NSW-based educator Lynette West offers Introductory Workshops, Foundation Courses and Distance Education Certificate Programs in biodynamic gardening and farming.

www.biodynamics.net.au You can also buy a number of books about biodynamics through the BAA web site.

Michelle Gadd from www.organicwine.com.au (see below) has set up this new website. As well as acting as a forum for an exchange of ideas between biodynamic practitioners - contributors will include Ron Laughton of Jasper Hill, Julian Castagna and Erinn and Janet Klein from Ngeringa - the site offers a free download of a new translation, by site editor, Tom Munro, of the book L'Agriculture Biodynamique by the late Francois Bouchet, BD consultant to Domaine Leflaive and others.

www.forkandbottle.com This US-based web site has an extensive list of over 400 wine producers from around the world using biodynamic methods.

www.gmagazine.com.au I contribute a regular wine column and reviews of organic/biodynamic wines for this new, informative, intelligent magazine covering ‘green lifestyle’ issues. Well worth subscribing to.

www.howtosavetheworld.co.nz How To Save The World, a DVD looking at the work of Peter Proctor, New Zealand’s ‘father of modern Biodynamics’, is an excellent (if extremely uncritical) introduction to biodynamics

www.mitchell-beazley.co.uk In 2004, British wine writer Monty Waldin published the groundbreaking book, Biodynamic Wines, as part of the Mitchell Beazley Classic Wine Library. If you are interested in biodynamics and wine, this is essential reading - although I would wait for the revised and updated (and, hopefully, more carefully-edited) edition to be published in the near future. Hopefully, a publication date will soon be announced.

www.organicwinejournal.com This online magazine has good information about biodynamics, including an interview with James Millton and an article by Nicolas Joly.

www.winealchemy.com Paul Howard’s UK-based Wine Alchemy wine web site has a comprehensive overview of biodynamics.

www.wineanorak.com Scientist-turned-wine writer Jamie Goode has been following biodynamics for years and has written extensively about it on his web site.

The web site of UK magazine, Wine and Spirit, has a link to a very interesting, lucid video clip of Dr Robert Gross of Cooper Mountain Vineyards in Oregon talking about biodynamics.

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www.dilgaorganics.com.au A specialist online retailer and wholesaler of organic, preservative-free, vegan wines and beers.

www.gertrudestreetenoteca.com Jamie Broadway and Brigitte Hafner’s brilliant Gertrude Street Enoteca, a wine shop/wine bar in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, is promoting biodynamics in a big way.

Kerryn Phelps’ healthyU Online web site has partnered with Lisa McGuigan of McGuigan Wines and more recently Lisa's Wine Vaults to distribute organic and biodynamic wine around Australia.

www.macrowholefoods.com.au Macro Wholefoods - stores in Sydney and Melbourne - has some (although not enough) biodynamic wines in its range.

Nectar Wine and Beer
This new bottle shop in Brisbane’s West End specialises in organic and biodynamic wines as well as stocking around 300 different beers. Owner Kris Miles is planning an organic/biodynamic food and wine festival for 2009.
Nectar Beer and Wine Specialists 114 Boundary St West End 4101
Phone (07) 3846 4655 Mobile 0416 484 303

www.organicwine.com.au Michelle Gadd runs Organic Wine, an online retailer based in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, with a good selection of biodynamic producers.

www.pmwt.com.au Peter Marr Wine Trader - an online retail store - has a good, constantly changing selection of the producers featured on this web site.

www.theorganikstore.com.au Peter Fraser from Yangarra vineyard in McLaren Vale also owns this organic/biodynamic produce store - and, coming soon, café/restaurant - in Glenelg in Adelaide. He currently carries 30 certified organic/BD wines, but has applied for an extension to his licence to increase the range.

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