Few Reasons To Select Slate Roofs For Your Home

Slate is the main material used for constructing slate roofs. The material is extremely durable and has been in use since ages. Once installed, these roofs tend to last for years at a stretch. Slate roofs offer several kinds of benefits. Few of them include:


The biggest advantage of slate is that it comes in a range of sizes and colours. With little repairs and maintenance, slate roofs may be restored to their original beauty. For cost effective repair services, you may contact repair slate roof by Murnane slate roofing.

Eco-friendly option

Slate is a natural construction material. It comes from within the surface of the earth and also decomposes in it. It hence proves to be an eco-friendly option.


Slate roofs are extremely durable. They prevent leakages when compared with roofs made from other materials. Another benefit of these roofs is their wind and fire resistant property.


Slate roofs are preferred for both commercial and residential projects. These roofs are reliable and have hence been extremely popular since years.

Maintaining slate roofs

Though slate roofs are extremely durable, they require some amount of maintenance. After a certain period of time, they may develop leaks. They may hence require repairs and maintenance. In order to maintain slate roofs, it is recommended to perform an annual inspection. During the inspection, it is important to look out for the following issues:

  • Unstable flashing.
  • Broken or missing sliding.
  • Broken or missing slates.

For performing such inspections, it is advisable to hire certified roof repair specialists. The professionals inspect the roof thoroughly and can suggest repair works accordingly. Slate roofs may require repairs if their flashing shows signs of deterioration or have damaged and broken slates. In most slate roofs, the flashing is not as durable as the roof. It may hence require to be repaired.

Hiring specialists for repairing slate roofs

Repairing slate roofs requires specialized skills and knowledge. Most homeowners lack this knowledge and skill. In order to avoid damages to the roof, it is recommended to hire specialists who possess the knowledge and skills for carrying out various types of repairs on slate roofs. Repairing slate roofs also proves to be an economical option. In most cases, repairing the roof costs much less than replacing it. However, it is important that the task is performed by specialists. While hiring specialists, it is advisable to conduct an internet search. References may also be sought regarding the best specialists for repairing slate roofs. For expert slate roof repairs, you may Contact Murnane slate roofing.