Different Types of Rubber Stamps

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the beautiful inscriptions and carvings? They are stamps of course, but the stamp that is a never dying art is a rubber stamp. The best part about this stamp is that it can be used in various ways. You can end up writing but you cannot end learning about the types of rubber stamps. There are many types present out there for different needs of the users. As it is a never ending list, top seven is what you can learn about for the ease of understanding.

Top seven rubber stamps used worldwide

  • Office Stamps: Office papers are documents need stamping every now and then. What better way of giving it a unique pattern with the help of rubber stamps? Every office has been using it as the use of these stamps is pretty convenient. Even a child can handle the stamping with rubber stamps.
  • Alphanumeric Stamps: Numbers are quite common to be used. It’s a myth that rubber stamps can be used only for letters but numbers. When you have a business or an establishment with numbers involved, alphanumeric stamps are what you need.
  • Signature Stamps: There are businesses that try to use a signature in stamp than in ink. Rubber stamps can be used in this scenario. The best impression one can get out of this signature is the look. It is unconventional and you can skip being present everywhere for your signature.
  • Notary Stamps: Legal documents can’t be completed without rubber stamps. Notary stamps are used in almost every transaction and rubber stamps for this purpose can be really helpful. Without a perfect notary stamp, the processing further can take a halt.
  • Art and Logo Stamps: We all get attracted by art and logos and the secret behind the beauty is the use of rubber stamps. Make your logos more vibrant and eye-catching with rubber stamps that you can afford easily.
  • Bank Stamps: One of the most visited establishments that we visit almost every week or month is the bank. You must have seen the use of stamps of the banks on passbooks and other important documents. This wouldn’t have been possible without the rubber stamps.
  • Wedding Stamps: Apart from all the serious and legal documents, rubber stamps are also used on stamping wedding invitations. They leave a mark that lasts forever and evergreen. Wedding invitations are kept carefully by the receivers and when it comes in unique stamping, they get more precious.

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