Different Styles Of Mosaic Tiles To Choose From

Mosaic tiles are those tiles which are less than 2’’ in size. Traditional mosaics are usually square in shape. However, nowadays, mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of textures, colours and shapes. Generally, the mosaic tiles are placed on adhesive backs or a mesh. However, customized tiles may also be ordered for specific purposes. The designs and patterns for mosaic tiles are usually manufactured in a way that they can readily be installed in interior walls, floors and also used in several other applications. It is hence important to select a style that is suitable for your requirements. There are several types of mosaic tiles. Few main ones include:

Square mosaics

These are the most commonly used tiles. These tiles can be of a very small size. Their colour may be varied or uniform. The colour of the tiles depends on the materials used. Few commonly used stones in mosaic tiles include granite, slate, onyx, travertine, limestone and marble. There are several patterns available in mosaic tiles which mix a variety of shapes and sizes. Other patterns of mosaic tiles include octagons, circles, hexagons and rectangles. The tiles can have a brick wall, pinwheel or basket weave.

Mixed material mosaic tiles

These tiles blend glass, metal and stone for creating various types of surface appearances, texture and colour. Many types of multi-level surfaces of modern designs may also be created using mixed material mosaic tiles. For more varieties of these tiles, you can browse through mosaic tiles in melbourne by Tilefix They have a good collection of different types of mosaic tiles.

Hand cut tiles

Crafted and hand cut tiles prove to be another great option. The most popular type of hand cut stones are Katami stone tiles which are basically random hand cut stalks. These stalks are lined up and matched in a random manner. Few masterwork collections of such tiles feature intricately cut designs and patterns. These resemble the classic mosaic patterns which are commonly found in various historic sites across the globe.

The different types of mosaic tiles are available in a variety of surface treatments. The tiles may be tumbled, honed or polished depending on the type of material used. The different finishing techniques used may be used to create textured, natural, elegant and shining finishes.

Once the right type of surface treatment and style has been chosen in mosaic tiles, appropriate mosaic borders may be chosen for creating a finished look.  Mosaic borders may be added for creating floor designs, along stair risers, on top or centre of back splashes, on the bottoms and tops of walls, on the edges of counters and at several other places. You may Contact Tilefix  for more such design options.