8 items one should always keep in its deer hunting pack

The deer season requires a lot of preparation. Nothing is near more important than what goes into your deer hunting pack! Here are 8 items that you should have in your deer hunting pack this season.

  1. Gear Rope – Be sure to always throw in 20-25 feet of thick nylon rope. Nothing is quite worse than having no rope to haul your gear. A gear rope is a must for every hunting trip.
  2. Hand Saw– Putting a small saw in the pack will always be useful. It can come in handy to trim shooting lanes.
  3. Rain Cover- You can keep you and your gear dry if you packed have packed a rain cover. While hunters will start calling it off, you can stay out for longer hours.
  4. Hunting clothes– Hunting clothes are a must for camouflage. Being in sync with the surrounding can help you in getting near of the target and get a clearer shot.
  5. Headlamp- This is one is a given for any hunter. The best combination is a bright LED and a dull red light, the red light is great for walking undetected, while the bright LED comes in handy for detecting blood trails.
  6. Water and Snacks- A power bar or normal snack can come in help you munch it that extra hour or two when you are out on a hunting trip. Hunting trips can be long and a specialized water bottle can provide you enough water to be hydrated for long duration. A normal water bottle can make some noise and can affect your hunting, so a specialized bottle is a must.
  7. Binoculars – Binoculars is a must when it comes to hunting trips. Identifying the target from quite a distance can always give you the upper hand. Every hunter always has binoculars around his or her neck during such trips.
  8. Extra Release, Quick Loads, Cartridges, or Slugs – During a long deer season, a hunter can get disorganized and the ammo might get lost in the trunk or a tree stand. Putting an extra release, some quick loads, a few cartridges, and a couple slugs in a pocket in your gear bag will keep the most important item in your hunting pack!
  9. Gutting Knife- A gutting knife is a must when a big deer is on the ground. This knife should be in every hunter’s gear bag. This helps in ensuring that you carry out your success.

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One should be prepared for the hunt, no matter what the hunting needs are.